Fincas Mierisch

We are really excited to bring news of our latest find!

A strictly high grown coffee (Altitude: 1275-1375m asl) from the farms of Mierisch from Nicaragua.

This is firstly washed and then sun-dried to add further depth and flavour.

Situated in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua, this farms sits perched on a cliff high above the beautiful Lago Apanas, north of Jinotega. Finca San Jose was purchased by the Mierisch family in 2003. Along with – Finca Los Placeres and Finca La Escondida. 

The coffee is harvested everyday during the harvest season, which runs from January to February. Every sack of cherries harvested notes down the area within the farm and the workers’ names. At Finca San Jose, all the cherries are handpicked. The workers are rewarded by picking only the ripest cherries. The Mierisch family has put in a lot of effort to give back to the communities who work and live the various farms. Some of the initiatives include providing access to childcare for working mothers in the farms, educational programs for children, fully stocked and functional clinics at the farm, nutritional programs and a general store stocked with low cost sundries for the communities.  All these resulted in total commitment from the working staff at the farms to produce great coffees.