Coffee Grinding Tips

A lot of people overlook how important the grind is.

This is an essential part of the process to pouring the perfect coffee.
Having a scales with a timer may seem a little excessive but with practice will allow you to really see where your going wrong.

I find a good starting point is

Start in the fine area of your grinder 
Weigh out 19 grams 
Tamp consistently 
Weigh your cup and tare

Time 28 seconds from the start of your pour (this is the classic 2:1 ratio)

Weigh the end result aim for 38ml of pour 
If your end result is off you can then start to fine tune your grind.

The next step is seeing how far you can take the extraction, we will do a more in-depth article on this at a later date.

Each blend of coffee will work slightly different and through experimentation you will be able get to the perfect pour.