Renewable Energy - Squeaky Clean

Did you know that most coffee roasters typically use natural gas(fossil fuel) fired roasters to produce your coffee?

One of our goals has been to avoid using fossil fuels in our roasting process and to remove an energy source that puts further carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, we decided to buck the normal conventions and select smaller batch roasters that are able to run using electricity.

Even though electricity has been dubbed the cleaner energy source, energy production methods are not always so clean.

This has lead us to sign a contract with Squeaky Clean energy for our next renewal term(18th of May 2020).

We will be able to say that we use 100% clean energy to roast our coffee.

In fact we can even say where it is supplied from, the Pant Y Wal Wind farm in Wales.

We are working hard towards refining how environmentally friendly our coffee really is and we believe that is defiantly a step in the right direction.

Also you’ll be pleased to know that  bio-degradable bags are available, please ask for further details. We are currently working on sourcing these for all our coffee bags as this is another essential step we need to take. 

Duncan (Company Director)