World Aeropress Championships 2019

We have really loved using our Aeropress and when we heard there was a world championship going on in London we had to find out what it was all about. As it happens there are some serious Aeropress fanatics out there. We wanted to bring a little bit of the craziness of the event to you, so we have a created a short mix tape for you to get a feel. Enjoy and maybe we will see you there next time round! There are multiple stages of elimination in this competitive tournament. At the beginning of each round the competitors wait for the count down timer to start, they have just a few minutes to brew a cup of coffee using their Aeropress. They can choose their custom tools of the trade to perfect their grind and any other craziness they choose to bring to the table. Finally their cup is presented to the judges panel who blind sip and slurp away till winner is found. They choose tastiest brew and its creator moves onto the next round. Eventually there is only one champion. This year Ozone were sponsoring the event and they kept the coffee flowing with their talented baristas battling against a constant queue of thirsty enthusiasts. This seemed to be a light roasted but well balanced coffee that came through nicely in the variety of different forms we tried from flat whites to espressos, by the end we were truly over caffienated! We look forward to next year when this madness will continue.